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Let us look after you development project. It can range from a renovation through to construction projects and unit development.

My Property Hunter will provide a coordinating role with a professional team in managing your development project. Project oversight can extend from the initial tendering stage through to contract award and then through execution, delivery and support.

Functions can include

  • manage and coordinate the various contractors involved in project
  • act as a focal point for the project
  • review design proposals
  • control costs (against an agreed budget)
  • administration of claims for payment by contractors and variations (where appropriate)
  • advise developer on selection and appointment of professional team (ie Town Planner etc) and agree to fees, letter of appointment, on behalf of developer/client
  • work closely with team such as builder, town planner, landscaper and council in development brief and design discussions
  • provide referral and liaison with ancillary services
  • seek quotations and conduct negotiations (where appropriate)
  • ensure that the professional team achieves the required performance in terms of schedule, budget and technical requirements (not withstanding notes below)
  • prepare and manage operational budget
  • see project through to completion (ready to move in or for sale)

It is about delivering a successful project on time and within budget.

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