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Upon clarifying your needs and requirements, My Property Hunter will quote a fee structure so you know the full costs before any research or property purchase is undertaken.

The professional fees charged by My Property Hunter fairly reflect the substantial effort and work required in sourcing and securing the right property for you.

Our costs are substantially lower than the scale of fees recommended the Real Estate Institute as we believe in providing a great service for a fair price.

In addition to the outstanding results and very fair price policy, the savings we will make for you will far outweigh the fee for our services.

  • My Property Hunter does not charge a percentage fee like many other Buyer's Agents. We believe that a fixed fee, regardless of the final purchase price, offers the fairest AND cheapest method for you to secure the services of a Buyer's Agent
  • Our fees are designed to fairly reflect the task you set us
  • To commence property services, My Property Hunter requires a completed Engagement Agreement along with an initial engagement fee

Four services options are available:

Option 1 – The Full Deal

Option 2 – Assess and Secure Service

Option 3 – Auction Representation

Option 4 – Services by Negotiation

My Property Hunter offers a convenient two step fee structure. There is an initial engagement fee to confirm booking and then a final fee – only payable upon successful purchase of your property. All first appointments are complimentary and without obligation.

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